Traffic Signs and Meanings

Traffic Signs and Meanings
The number of vehicles in traffic is increasing day by day. In this case, in order to prevent confusion and traffic, the most effective way to ensure that drivers move in order by making the necessary warnings is through traffic signs and signs.
Traffic signs and their meanings ensure that thousands of vehicles move in order every day by providing information to drivers in settlements, highways and motorways. However, this harmony, which is maintained through traffic information signs, is easily disrupted when the rules are not followed, leading to accidents that cause loss of life and property.
Drivers need to know all traffic signs and their meanings. In driving courses, these signs and their meanings are mostly taught to candidates. All traffic signs and their meanings, which are vital to ensure road and passenger safety, are asked in driver's licence exams. Although all these applications are made for drivers to proceed more safely in traffic, pedestrians and passengers also need to keep up with the general order of traffic by having this information. 

Traffic signs are divided into groups such as danger warning signs, traffic regulation signs, information signs, stop and parking signs, horizontal marking, new standard traffic signs. 

Hazard warning signs are one of the most important traffic signs and these signs function to warn drivers against the dangers on the road. Most of these signs consist of triangular signs.
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